Alder Hey Scandals

Alder Hey (Liverpool) is the hospital which currently Alfie Evans is in and is also the hospital that wants to take him off the life support machine.  Alfie has slowly started to be weaned off some of the medication and as a result we can see him responding more and being more aware.  Some of his latest photos and videos are evidence of this.

Unfortunately, Alfie has found himself a prisoner in Alder Hey hospital, who have given up on him without exploring all options and are not allowing him to go to other hospitals who have already said that they would be willing to care for him.

Evidence given at contradictionsots of contra dictions between the medical experts themselves and especially when comparing them to the notes (which show a different picture) of what has actually happened at the hospital.

Should the evidence given by a hospital who has overdosed Alfie Evans on more than one occasion and who has been involved in various scandals be taken at face value


Below are some of the articles which show a few of the scandals that Alder Hey have been involved in over the years.

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Parents blame 'devastating failures' for baby's death

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