About Me

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Alfie Evans. I was at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool in the PICU. I want to tell you about my story.

I was born in May 2016. I was born healthy and on time 😊 I grew up and fed well. I have always loved my sleep. However, when I was awake, I was always agitated. My favourite word was “Ay”, which I would often say when I was irritated. My mummy and daddy would always comfort me with their kisses and cuddles, when they saw me agitated. After a while, I wasn’t able to look at mummy and daddy for more than 20 seconds, lifting my head was not as easy anymore. I would clench my hands into a fist, have jerking movements with my arms, hands, legs and roll my eyes up. My doctor at the time said that I was being lazy and a late developer. Despite trying my absolute best, I wasn’t meeting the development milestones that other children met and I started moving backwards instead of forwards.

How my health deteriorated?

I got a chest infection which led me to have a myoclonic jerking spasm.

I was taken to hospital where my mummy and daddy were told that bronchitis, common cold, chest infection, RSV, pneumonia and two other illnesses were making me very tired. On my first night at the hospital, when being treated for these infections, I started having epileptic seizures aswell as spasms every 5-20 minutes, some of these lasted for up to an hour. ☹ These seizures and infections took such a toll on my body, I had to go on life support because of how bad they were.

I was in such a bad way that my mummy and daddy had me baptised and blessed. Doctors tried telling my mummy and daddy to turn off my life support machine but they refused and did everything they could to stop this from happening. I am very proud of myself, as I managed to come off the life support machine three times despite doctors thinking that it was not possible. I have managed a maximum of 13 days consecutively off the machine. When Alder Hey removed life support machine for the very last time before my death, they said I wouldn't last more than 15 minutes. I proved the world wrong! I lasted 5 days and the conditions I was subjected to, that is a story to tell another day.

Alder Hey applied to the courts to switch off my ventilator

My mummy, daddy and myself were very sad, that despite having a hospital in Europe that was ready to take me in, give me a tracheostomy, PEG tube for feeding and look further into diagnosing me, Alder Hey refused to let me go. They have applied to the courts to take off my ventilation. Despite all my fighting and strength. They are gave up on me and didn't let others help me.

Evidence that proved that I was not in pain

This is just ONE of Alfie's medical charts, as you can see the pain score is marked down 0. We have 100's of his notes that confirm this too. Should this not be enough to show the judge Alfie was not in pain? Yes he could feel pain but we all Can? There are too many contradictions and "I think's" in the evidence that Alder Hey has put forward. These observations were taken daily and we have hundreds that state the same. "The fact he felt pain is a good thing, the fact he was not in pain was the best thing"